As we all know, our planet is currently facing a crisis caused by our own doing over time. Our air, land, and water are all being polluted.
One of the biggest issues we face, is the amount of debris in our oceans. Causing harm not only to ourselves, but also all the creatures that call it home. Did you know that as much as 85% of the debris in our oceans is plastic? What once was thought as an incredible material, has become a dangerous design failure. The most common types of items found in oceans include caps/lids, plastic bottles, plastic bags, straws, plastic silverware, and more. We are literally drowning in plastic trash.
There are many things you can do to help (such as reducing your use of single-use plastics, participating in beach cleanups, etc.) The collaboration between Adidas x Parley in particular is making great use of that debris, by turning it into high-performance sportswear. You can also help bring awareness to the cause, all while helping to eliminate some of the plastic waste, and helping our planet one step at a time.