There are over 5,000 euphemisms and slang terms for the term “period.”  A natural biological function that occurs in almost every female. Considering that over half of the world’s population is female, it could be assumed that menstruation would have become an accepted occurrence in societies. But unfortunately, that is not the case. Menstruation has constantly remained a taboo in cultures all around the world. It has been the cause of a man to get a job over a woman, the reasoning behind women being locked away for a week out of each month, and one of the leading “reasons” that men are considered superior. 

Not only are the terms of menstruation considered shameful, but also the imagery as well. In american advertising, the only liquid being shown in tampon/pad commercials is a light blue, transparent liquid that is perfectly poured across, or absorbed by the featured product. Or women are always represented in that small white skirt playing tennis, smiling and shining their way through “Aunt Flo’s monthly visit.” Where in reality, it’s the complete opposite of white and clean and energetic. Why is it okay to portray blood in movies or video games when it comes to violence, but when it comes to a natural bodily function, it becomes a shun?

My goal for this project, was to confront the stereotypical period portrayals, and portray the “nasty” symptoms of menstruation metaphorically, in a way that would be able to disturb viewers or make them uncomfortable, but without directly using actual menstrual imagery. Through the use of both moving gifs, and expired color film, I intended to create an abstract representation of commercial vs. real life, clean vs. dirty. I hope to bring light and conversation to a topic that has long been overlooked.